Full Disclosure Statement - 121020

Full Disclosure Statement - 121020

Disclosure Statement - 121020
Silent Soul Cre8tion. has officially been launched for a week and I could not be prouder with the engagement I have received from you all.
With that said, I have had some general feedback which I have taken very seriously. I have made some minor changes to my creations; these will be outlined below along with a change in vessel size:

Due to supplier demand I can no longer source the original 340ml vessel that I launched with a week ago. What this means for you?

  • My vessel size will now be 20ml smaller, taking the vessel weight from 350 grams to 320 grams.
  • The Silent Collection will now be priced $55 as opposed to $60 to reflect the decrease in products used.
  • I can guarantee you the same beautifully hand-crafted candle with an ongoing commitment to quality and performance.
  • I have a small number of larger vessels pre-made which I will sell at the decreased price, therefore you may or may not be lucky enough to receive the original size for the cheaper price. I cannot guarantee which size you will receive.

Minor changes to the placement of dried flowers:

  • Your Bella Luna will no longer have any complete baby rose buds on her, she will be completed with rose bud petals only.
  • Your Dolce Stella will have a smaller arrangement of dried flowers which will be embedded further within the candle wax as opposed to outside of the wax.
  • Your Grande Sole will no longer have dried flowers scattered close to her wick, they will be arranged closer to the edge of the vessel and also embedded a little further within the wax.

What this means for you?
Absolutely nothing, I can guarantee you the same beautifully crafted candle with an ongoing commitment to quality and performance with every candle I craft.

I thank you for your ongoing love and support, and look forward to continuing my journey of designing and crafting new creations. I have some exciting creations in the works and have already commenced the journey into my next collection, due to be released February 2021.

Light & Love M.R xxx